Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Protecting organization’s sensitive data and intellectual property from leaving the company’s internal network is a priority for many organizations. Complying with government regulations and international security standards regarding securing sensitive information across the data life cycle can be challenging as well as costly. Tools like Data Loss Prevention (DLP) can help mitigate such risks and at the same time provide assurance to regulators that organizations are taking the necessary measures to protect sensitive data.
At Versos, we offer DLP solutions that help organizations understand and protect how their data is used within their corporate networks regardless whether the data is in transit or at rest. Working with many clients on data protection issues over the past few years, we have seen a consistent demand for deploying modular solutions that provide the needed coverage with the least amount of disruption.
Our DLP solutions are modular and can be tailored to fit organization needs and will be implemented in a seamless and robust way.

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