Security Testing

The importance to secure information is high, especially if vulnerabilities are reported during a vulnerability assessment exercises. The existence of a specific vulnerability may lead to a security breach thus exposing information resources to illegal or accidental access. A Penetration Test is the process of evaluating the security posture of a computer system, network, or application (assets). The process involves analyzing assets for any weaknesses, configuration flaws, or vulnerabilities to determine whether a certain system can be hacked or exposed.
Versos consulting team has Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) who possess the right non-destructive tools, experience and methodology to explore, exploit and evaluate the security posture of your network and servers. Versos consulting team can perform black and white box penetration testing and provide feedback in a timely manner. Our approach is based on international best practices and Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM).
Versos value added services provide customers with recommendations, additional controls and proposed network design to resolve exploits and thus increase the level of security.

Vulnerability Assessment

Versos consulting team provides vulnerability assessment service to identify and assign severity levels to as many security defects as possible in a given timeframe for different types of assets.

Code Review

Versos consulting team provides source code review service to discovers hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws, and verifies if security controls are implemented. A combination of automated and manual review is performed to detect insecure coding practices, injection flaws, cross site scripting flaws, insecure handling of external resources, weak cryptography and other weakness.


Redteaming is an attack simulation exercise designed to mimic the tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) of the advanced persistent threats (APTs) that most organizations have to deal with in cyberspace. Versos consulting team provides RedTeaming Services to identify your current security status concerning those threats and therefore be able to prepare your organization better against real attacks.

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